30 Neighbors, 30 Days

In partnership with Welcoming Pittsburgh, NEXTpittsburgh will feature some of the diverse people who make up the region’s population. Titled 30 Neighbors, 30 Days, the project provides a snapshot of the day-to-day lives of people such as a minister from Burma, an engineer from Mexico, and a community organizer from Bhutan as well as Latinos, black Americans, newcomers and those here for generations. 

Day 25: Bill

I remember when steel manufacturing was still doing well here. And I remember when there was a black middle class and when you had African-American owned businesses. I remember when communities like Homewood were doing well. But I also remember when we lost 300,000 people. I remember friends were losing their jobs . . . that devastation. So, for me I was like: ‘I’m never coming back to Pittsburgh.’

William Generett, Urban Innovation21 | Read More at NEXTpittsburgh