Caitlyn is a registered Dental Hygienist on a mission to provide dental fashion for dental enthusiasts. Her business based out of Oakdale, PA was created to bring a sense of community to like minded professionals in her profession.

“We are a dental scrub line for dental professionals, made by dental professionals, who are changing the look of dentistry everyday.”

Dental Hygiene Nation started as a social media presence known as Dental Hygiene Problems. Caitlyn created the Twitter account, Dental Hygiene Problems, in college as a prank for her dental hygiene class. Soon the page grew to have thousands of followers on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This is what sparked her idea of creating the brand Dental Hygiene Nation. She’s now expanding her business at rapid speed and continuing to share her love of teeth, humor, and fashion.

In response to requests to expand the line, Caitlyn is adding new styles and colors to her line of dental scrubs, including a lab coat, under thermals, male styles, a plus size line, and short & tall pant options. Come fall 2018, Dental Hygiene Nation will be providing the Dental Hygiene program at West Virginia University School of Dentistry with custom purple scrubs for all faculty and students. She plans to continue to market to dental schools all across the nation. In addition, they have launched a “surprise box” that contains free samples, exclusive Dental Hygiene Nation products, and seasonal products they love! The surprise boxes have been wildly successful and will continue each season.

Stay in touch with all things Dental Hygiene Nation on their Facebook, Instagram, and blog page to be the first to know when new things are happening! Caitlyn is always welcoming new customers and can be reached by phone at (412) 559-9673. Visit them at to look at product photos and images!


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