Urban Innovation21 was instrumental in the development of the StartUptown incubator in the Uptown section of the Hill District. Since inception, this incubator has supported 23 of the 70 PCKIZ companies. Approximately 11 innovation economy companies are currently located in this start-up incubator.

These companies have been attracted to the area by PCKIZ incentive. To date PCKIZ has provided to StartUptown companies: $185,000 in grants, $288,000 in tax credits, and 50 internships with a total cost of $90,500 as of June 2013. Most of these companies are graduates of the Innovation Works Alpha Lab program.

StartUptown’s success is spurring additional real estate development in the Uptown Community. StartUptown was the region’s first technology co-working space to work in and underserved community in the Pittsburgh region.