PCKIZ Programs

Financing Programs

Grant Program

This fund provides targeted grant funding for KIZ businesses as a compliment to equity, angel, and venture capital funding available from state, regional, federal programs, and from private individuals.

Tax Credit Coordination Program

The PCKIZ assists companies that qualify to obtain tax credits through the KIZ Tax Credit Program. If a company would like to sell their tax credits, the PCKIZ will assist the company with the selling of the tax credits.

University and Business Interaction

Student Internships Funds

Start up companies such as KIZ companies often cannot afford to pay for the support of a student intern even though those companies may be willing to provide the experience and training for the intern. The PCKIZ provides stipends on a competitive basis for student interns working with PCKIZ companies.

Linkage of KIZ Businesses with the University Network of Faculty, Student, and Physical Resources

Innovative companies located within the PCKIZ have the opportunity to work with University Partner faculty to help them develop their business product or technology. Also, PCKIZ companies have the opportunity to access some services offered by the University partners including, but not limited to, library privileges.

Networking Events

The PCKIZ holds ongoing networking events for students, faculty, and businesses as well as the larger community. The PCKIZ also supports existing networking events such as “BioBlast” which is sponsored by other regional organizations such as the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

Innovative idea and business plan competitions

To increase the number of start ups and entrepreneurial ventures that students at the member institutions engage in, the PCKIZ in conjunction with Duquesne University’s Small Business Development Center, holds an “innovative idea” and business plan competition each year.

Coordination Services

Real Estate Location Assistance

If a company is interested in moving into or starting a business in within the zone boundaries, the PCKIZ will help you determine which real estate options best fit your business needs.

Corporate Relocation Coordination

If your company is looking to relocate into Allegheny County or the City of Pittsburgh, the PCKIZ will work with the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh to determine whether your company qualifies for the many programs that both organizations offer to make corporate relocation feasible.

Coordination with other non profits

The PCKIZ will work to see if you or your company qualifies for the many programs and services offered by our partners, the Life Sciences Greenhouse, The Idea Foundry, Innovation works, and The Duquesne Small Business Development Corporation.

Coordination for State Funded Programs

If your company qualifies as a PCKIZ corporation, your company will be given preferred status for programs offered by the PA State Department of Economic Development.