Pittsburgh Central KIZ

The Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone (PCKIZ) is a consortium of higher education institutions, businesses, government agencies and community organizations, collaborating to enable the neighborhoods in central Pittsburgh to realize their potential within the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century.

PCKIZ orchestrates a combination of tax incentives, entrepreneurial resources, educational and internship programs, networking events, and technology showcases. Its goal is to multiply technology and economic development activities, creating economic sustainability and transforming central Pittsburgh into a vibrant community.

What differentiates the PCKIZ from the other 25 Keystone Innovation Zones in the state is that a large portion of our territory is located in an underserved area. Thus our mission of creating a culture of entrepreneurship and spurring economic development—all in a manner that benefits the most economically challenged portions of our community.

PCKIZ Enrollment Questionnaire

  • Primary Contact

  • This contact will receive all official KIZ announcements by email.
  • Alternate Contact

  • Company

  • One paragraph summary
  • check all that apply
  • check all that apply
  • (if known)
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    The PCKIZ Internship Program provides paid interns to qualifying companies within the PCKIZ.
  • File Uploads

  • Accepted file types: png.
    Please include a company logo file only in PNG format. Dimensions should be 216px wide by 97px high. See our PCKIZ Companies page for examples of how we display your logo. If you provided a company website URL earlier on this form, we will also link from the logo to your website.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Please provide a PDF scan of your lease agreement to verify your location within the PCKIZ. Please call 412-281-0102 with questions.
  • PCKIZ Reporting

  • Once your application is approved, you will receive notice of the same and Urban Innovation21 will input it into a state KIZ database (KIZ Portal). The KIZ portal administrator will then which will send the Primary Contact an email with a user name and password. Twice a year, all PCKIZ companies are required to login into the PCKIZ Portal and provide the following information in order to be eligible for tax credits, interns and grants. The primary contact will receive an email when the reporting period begins.

    The list below is the information required for the reporting. It is for your reference only and is not required to be completed now.

    • Employee Count:
    • Projected Annual Revenue:
    • Payroll:
    • EIN Filing Date:
    • Jobs Created:
    • Jobs Retained:
    • New PA Grad Employees:
    • KIZ Tax Credits:
    • KIZ Grants:
    • PA Loans:
    • Other PA Funding:
    • Third Party Grants:
    • Third Party Loans:
    • Investment Capital:
    • Patents filed:
    • Patents Awarded:
    • Software Copyrights Filed:
    • Software Copyrights Awarded:
    • Licenses Granted:
    • Licensing Revenue:
    • New Product Introductions:
    • RDT&E; Expenditures
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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