Carlos Gasca Yanez

Carlos Gasca Yanez

SPUR Entrepreneurial Assistance Manager

Carlos Gasca Yanez is the Entrepreneurial Assistance Manager for Urban Innovation21. He is responsible for developing entrepreneurial services and connecting entrepreneurs to resources that encourage small business growth and minority business development in our communities of service.

Carlos is a social entrepreneur. At the age of 21 he incorporated his first company, which was a new product for the exhibition industry. Since he has launched a tradeshow industry newsletter, sold advertising and communications production services and founded Alberta’s first cohousing development.

He became involved in the nonprofit sector when he started teaching a self-employment program for the Mennonite Employment Development Center now Momemtum. He became manager of the program and expanded service offerings, which increase participation from 30 participants and 2 loans to 250 participants and over 90 loans. The micro loan portfolio achieved a 98% repayment rate during his tenure. Over the term of his career Carlos has counseled over 300 entrepreneurs.

Carlos has been a volunteer, founder, consultant and employee in various capacities in the nonprofit sector. He experience includes managing a 12 million dollar collaborative granting process for the Calgary Homeless Foundation, serving as a member of the Neighborhood Grants Committee for the Calgary Foundation, being a member of the Seattle’s Social Investor’s Board of Directors and founding Alberta’s Community Economic Development annual conference.

His educational background includes marketing and community economic development. His interests include sustainable economic development, social enterprise, appropriate housing design, and strong local economies. He is also a contributor to Social Edge an on-line social enterprise forum. In 2011 he won the Natural Design Talent Competition of the U.S. Green Building Council for an equitable development approach to underserved communities.