Who We Are

Urban Innovation21 is a consortium of local anchor institutions, government, corporations, non-profit organizations and charitable foundations. Our board of directors is comprised of C-Suite executives that represent their respective organizations. The members of the Urban Innovation21 public-private not only provide governance over the organization but also provide financial support.

We are a unique public-private partnership that is supporting the growth of entrepreneurship in our region’s innovation economy and connecting that growth to underserved communities and the residents who live in those communities.

Urban Innovation21 believes that an inclusive innovation economy is key to increasing regional competitiveness and sustainability.

Programs in the UI21 portfolio include the Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone Program, Urban Innovation21 “Inclusive Innovation” Internship Program, Community-Based Grant Competition, Inclusive Innovation Equitable Development Program, Pittsburgh Wealth Building Initiative, Kiva Pittsburgh and the Citizen Science Lab. Urban Innovation21 is one of the first US-based organizations to work under the “inclusive innovation” paradigm.

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